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Occasional Child care

My name is Renata, I am a 25 year old Brazilian Physiotherapist. I moved to Antwerp to start my masters in Neuroscience.
I have huge experience minding children of different ages. Upon request I can give references without any problem.
As a Physiotherapist I have experience with children who present symptoms of many neurological disorders such as cerebral palsy and autism.
I love working with kids and I hope I can make a difference helping a family in Belgium.
I have lived in the USA and in Ireland. Both experiences gave me a good fluency in English.
Thanks a million for your time!

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Helpen met huiswerk maken
Zorg voor babies jonger dan 6 maanden
Zorg voor kinderen van 6 maanden tot 2 jaar
Zorgen voor kindjes van 2 tot 6 jaar
Zorgen voor kinderen ouder dan 6 jaar
Huisdieren verzorgen
Zorg voor kindjes met een handicap
Zorgen voor zieke kindjes

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  • Vanaf 07-2016 Tot 01-2017

    I used to mind their 4 years old little girl from time to time when needed. Her name is Sofia and she is incredible!!

  • Vanaf 01-2016 Tot 07-2016

    This couple has an amazing little boy named Zeca, who is 5 years old. During this period, I minded this little man whenever they needed.

Meer over Renata

I graduated in Physiotherapy earlier this year in Brazil. Now I am ready for my next step, which is my masters in Neuroscience. I love reading, getting to know different cultures, sports such as cycling and climbing and music.


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